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Disclaimer: Minimum participation rates vary from company to company and are subject to change at any time. Check with your America’s Long Term Care Insurance Expert to see what is available in your state.


There are two types of long term care offerings in the employer setting, true group and multi-life. A true group plan is one in which employer is the policy owner and each employee receives a certificate of insurance. Multi-life is when a list bill is utilized and individually owned contracts of insurance are issued. Each company’s approach to underwriting needs to be evaluated on a customized basis making the need for expert advise and support very important. Minimum participation requirements vary from company to company and when they are met, eligible employees (and sometimes spouses) qualify for “streamlined” underwriting. 


There are three types of “streamlined” underwriting available in the employer setting:


  1. Simplified Issue – The company asks minimal health questions but may pursue further underwriting for cause.
  2. Modified Guarantee Issue – Underwriting takes place strictly on the application.  If the eligible applicant answers no to all questions he/she will be issued with no further underwriting.
  3. Guarantee Issue – No health questions are asked.


The lowest minimum participation requirement for “streamlined” underwriting is 3 employees. All of the America’s Long Term Care Insurance Expert’s carriers offer employer sponsored discounts for groups that meet the minimum participation requirements. The discounts vary 5-10% off the standard rate structure.


When using our hands-on approach, we provide a customized presentation for your business client and we will even help you present the need in person or via  We also provide the tools for the “do-it-yourself” agents.


Steps to follow for successful employer sponsored LTCi endorsement:


  1. Provide employer sponsored LTCi presentation to the owner
  2. Ask which implementation avenue they wish to consider (employer sponsored core benefit, executive carve-out, voluntary payroll deduction)
  3. Contact Ron Hagelman with your client’s answer and he will help you determine which company will best suite your client’s needs.


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